Sneads Ferry Community Plan
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The Sneads Ferry community is facing growth pressures from a variety of angles. In recognition of the need for long range land use planning and a coordinated transportation strategy, Onslow County and the Jacksonville Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization are partnering on a balanced planning process that blends future transportation needs with a realistic land use vision.

Final Report

The final report is now available. Feedback from the community on previous drafts of the document is reflected in the final report in many cases. In other cases, input related to a specific recommendation provided additional details or resources that were recorded as a reference for use in the implementation of the recommendation. The final report is scheduled to be presented to the Onslow County Planning Board at its August 6, 2015 meeting and to the Onslow County Board of Commissioners at its August 17, 2015 meeting.


Sneads Ferry is committed to preserving its history and enhancing its community identity, natural resources, and unique features through responsible growth strategies, enhanced design standards, and improved facilities and services. The community recognizes the impacts the local transportation system can have on its quality of life and advocates for improvements that ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. The intentional integration of land use and transportation will support existing and future development and expand the local economy without compromising cultural and environmental resources.

Blue Ribbon Panel

The planning process for the Sneads Ferry Community Plan is being guided by a Blue Ribbon Panel composed of residents, members of the business community, and other stakeholders. The panel was designated by the Onslow County Board of Commissioners. Members are tasked with providing feedback and guidance to the project team as well as contributing their experience and knowledge to the planning process. For more information, please see the Resources page.


Project Area Map